Resource and capabilities 

Our organization managed to work for JCI and HT with full nationwide coverage. Our organization have month of spares in our stores. We managed the MCM scope and Adhoc works any complaints. Our organization has 106 staff nationwide. Our organizations have dedicated safety officer. He has trained with NIOSH (Government Institution). In our organization, we provide to our staff to meet HSSE requirement:-

Safety, Healthy, Security & Environment

  1. Provide and maintain healthy and safe work areas and equipment.
  2. Review work areas, equipment and work methods, to improve further safety & health, in the belief that all injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented.
  3. Provide systems of work to prevent accidental release and spillage’s, and seek to eliminate over time all other discharge to air, water and land that may harmful to the environment.
  4. Provide safety, health and environmental training for employees.
  5. Provide products which able to be used safety, without endangering the health of users or others, and which can be used in a way that does not harm the environment; and
  6. Develop and maintain emergency procedures, which, in the event of an accident, minimize any harmful effects.