Flofuel Sdn Bhd operates on the following core principles:


quality service delivery

Service confidence

‘How’ service areas whether this is reporting or service delivery requirements

Consistent delivery

across all service areas whether this be reporting or service delivery requirements

Cost effectiveness

identifying the opportunities to manage all service elements at their optimum level


ability to identify and contribute to cost reductions, efficiencies, improvements in working practices.


expertise in delivering service whether it’s related to technical, HSSE or other required such a service.


many requirements of the service may be set from the client and we can deliver them to meet but not limited consideration alternate methods/process for delivery.

Provide the most competitive price

ensure maintenance of high standards in the areas Safety, Health, Security and the Environment (HSSE). Re-sourcing sufficient to meet and potentially improve cost and performance targets. Spend per site, call and equipment type. Equipment condition, quality and safety incidents capability and re-sourcing.


dedication and tenacity of our people are the core business success


of the company, our project team and our solutions is our competitive advantage.


integrity and fairness in our dealings with all stakeholders is essential for long term prosperity.


teamwork in our projects with customers, partners and suppliers will deliver exceptional results.


for our people and sustained value creation for our customers and shareholders are pre-requisites.

Safety, health & environment

it is unethical for everyone to be injured or the environment to be damaged in the service of the company.